We are now shipping Cookies & Bar Desserts!




Are you out of the area but still craving our cookies and bar desserts?

Well you’re in luck, because we are now shipping!

We can ONLY ship cookies and bar desserts.  At this time we cannot ship cupcakes, cheesecakes, mini cakes or tarts, cakes, pies, edible cookie dough, or frozen custard.

Watch our Facebook or Instagram page to see our current options, then call us at 817-441-1171 to select and pay for your items.   You can mix-and-match available items to make a dozen cookies or a bar desserts.

We are not processing shipments through email at this time. Shipments must contain one of the following options:

  • 3 dozen cookies
  • 2 dozen bar desserts
  • 1 dozen cookies + 1 dozen bar desserts

We can ship items Monday through Thursday.  We do not ship items on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. They will arrive within 3 days, and a $20 shipping fee will be added to your total.  Payment must be fully processed before items are pulled from the display case and prepared for shipment.

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