Order Types We Do

Semi-Bulk Cookie Orders:

Dont see the cookie you want in the case? Call or stop in the store to pre-pay for a same day or next day pick up order.  Choose from any cookies with dough currently in-stock in increments of 2 dozen cookies.

Bulk Cookie Orders:

Have a large event that you will need 6 dozen or more of the same cookie?  We provide customers who order in bulk a 15% discount on their order (only valid on 6 dozen or more of the same kind).  We will make the cookies specifically for your event as long as we can fit it into our schedule!

Contact our owner, Erika, at order@bakedaddictions.com to see if we can accommodate your request based on the date & amount of cookies you will be needing.

If you need a variety of cookies, you are more than welcome to stop in and purchase cookies from our display case.  We are baking all day long and can usually accommodate these requests and replenish the case very quickly.  We have even had people purchase 8 dozen cookies just from what we had on hand at the time!

Bulk Cupcake Orders:

Need 2 dozen cupcakes of the same kind of cupcake for a party or event?  We have a select few of our classic cupcakes available to order via our Bulk Cupcake Ordering.  Bulk Cupcake Orders can be filled in increments of 2 dozen of the same flavor of cupcake on weekdays, Tuesday – Friday, and will be made the day of or day before depending on what production time will allow.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for Bulk Cupcake Orders.  Bulk Cupcake discounts apply for 6 dozen of the same cupcakes and is 15% off.  Come in to the store or call to find out what flavors are available for Bulk Cupcake Ordering and to place your order.

Whole Cheesecake Orders:

We have a list of Cheesecakes that are available to order whole.  Whole Cheesecake orders are filled for pick up on Fridays and require a week notice.  Come in to the store or call to find out what flavors are available for Whole Cheesecake Ordering and to place your order.

Bulk Cupcake & Whole Cheesecake Orders can be placed on our online ordering system as well as in-store.  You can find our online ordering system here.

** All orders must be pre-paid prior to being made to order.  All pre-paid orders are final. **

The above mentioned types of orders are the ONLY type of orders that we do.  We do not do any custom orders.

Not all Cupcakes or Cheesecakes that we have had in the store or listed on our website are available to order….only our most popular.

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