“I exalt thee!”

imageAs we were singing “I exalt thee” in church this morning, I found myself reflecting on the last year and how far God has brought Baked Addictions a la mode.  One year ago on Independence Day we were testing our Vanilla Bean & Chocolate Frozen Custard on our friends during a picnic/pool party at our home.  We were discussing with the Mayor of Willow Park and his wife at Boomin’ 4th potential locations and commercial sites for Baked Addictions.  It may sound odd, but we had big dreams for Baked Addictions yet a year later it seems that God has even bigger dreams for us than we imagined a year ago.  We are prepping for our booth at Boomin’ 4th tomorrow and making very easily what we couldn’t have imagined in Baked Addictions & Frozen Custard a year ago.  It will be amazing to look back a year from now and see where we go from here and we praise HIS NAME in it all.

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