June Frozen Custard Happy Hours

We are extending our Frozen Custard HAPPY HOURS for the ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE! Prices will automatically be adjusted between the hours of 11-2 and 6-8 Monday through Thursday.  Make...

Margarita Frozen Custard

Love Margaritas? You MUST TRY our newest frozen custard flavor! You guessed it…Margarita!  Try a Margarita Milkshake or scoop of frozen custard with the rim of the glass salted!

NEW Raspberry Frozen Custard Flavor!

Welcome our NEWEST Frozen Custard Flavor to the team…Raspberry!!! Stop by for a free sample!

12th Jan 2017

Better than ICE CREAM!

We COOK and FREEZE our Frozen Custard in-house! Have you tried it yet? It’s so SMOOTH & CREAMY!!! It’s BETTER THAN ICE CREAM!!!  

Our NEW Coffee/Sundae Sauce!!

Introducing our NEW coffee/sundae sauce…Baked Addictions Sauce! It is truly unique and you just have to try it! It is kind of like a hybrid between a hot fudge &...

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Tonight was our first run at Cookies & Cream ice cream.  It was a huge hit! Most of my little taste testers (my 4 kids) liked this as their favorite...

Vanilla ice cream progress

Our Vanilla ice cream is just about where we want it…just need it a little colder so it doesn’t melt all over the place while we are dipping but we...