16th Sep 2014

French silk pie & filling an order

  I’ve been working this morning on filling an order of Date Nut Pinwheels and Sugar cookies.  I’ve also made a French Silk Pie which is one of my favorites,...

14th Sep 2014

Midnight baking

  I am doing some late night baking tonight.  We went to see Tim Hawkins tonight.  I laughed do much my cheeks hurt!!!!  So since I’ve been gone all day...

13th Sep 2014

White Buttercream Cake

      I had egg whites in the refrigerator from making the German chocolate cake so I decided today to make a white cake and use them up. Yummy!!!!!...

12th Sep 2014

Sourdough bread

Just slicing up some homemade sourdough bread to go with dinner this evening. That’s not the only thing that I have baking right now though…something sweet coming from Baked Addictions...

11th Sep 2014

Raspberry pie cut!

      Just wanted to to show the raspberry pie cut before it disappears…lol!!!!

10th Sep 2014
Raspberry pie!

Raspberry pie!

I love it when raspberries are on sale because that means RASPBERRY PIE!!!!  Can’t wait to dish up a slice with some vanilla Ice cream later!!!

09th Sep 2014

Chocolate pinwheels

  Fresh out of the oven are chocolate pinwheel cookies!  Yum!!!

05th Sep 2014

Hot fudge brownie sundae!

I know this is torture, but just had to post!

05th Sep 2014


I’ve got brownies hot out of the oven this Friday evening. I’m thinking we might have hot fudge brownie sundaes for dessert! Homemade hot fudge of course in case you...

05th Sep 2014

Freshly made granola!

  I had to make a fresh batch of granola since we ran out yesterday.  I love this granola!  It has oats, almonds, pecans, dried blueberries, dried cherries, & raisins!...