It’s so much more than just baked goods…


We’re 7 months in, and I have been pondering Baked Addictions’ achievements.  As the owner of this shop, it means so much more to me than just making money.  I love having a commercial kitchen, which allows me to be creative with food that people enjoy.  I have created tons of new cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and other new desserts!  So far, we have sold 34,788 cookies, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what we have accomplished.

We have created a meeting place in Willow Park/Aledo that is like no other.  We have hosted bible studies, church advisory board meetings, Pastor meetings, and a baby shower.  The shop was even used for parents to announce to their children that they were leaving for Disney the next day!  These types of things happening in Baked Addictions make me smile!  But, we have also been able to provide an income for our 8 employees, allowed one of our employees to pay cash for a vehicle, and had discussions about the bible.  Just seeing the impact that we have had on our employees’ lives is incredible.  For example, one of our employees is attending church regularly and singing Christian songs, neither of which she ever thought she would do.  It just goes to show you that Baked Addictions is more than just delicious baked goods and frozen custard.

– Erika Thornburg (Owner/operator/baker…”robot” as my staff says)

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