24th Jul 2015

Can you smell it?

I just took 2 loaves of fresh sourdough bread out of the oven! Can you smell it??

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Tonight was our first run at Cookies & Cream ice cream.  It was a huge hit! Most of my little taste testers (my 4 kids) liked this as their favorite...

17th Jul 2015

Sourdough donuts with chocolate glaze!

  Per re the request of my 16 year old son, I am making sourdough donuts with chocolate glaze this morning!

Vanilla ice cream progress

Our Vanilla ice cream is just about where we want it…just need it a little colder so it doesn’t melt all over the place while we are dipping but we...

16th Jul 2015
Preparation for Expansion

Preparation for Expansion

Some of you may know, we are in the process of considering an expansion of Baked Addictions into a commercial location with the addition of our own ice cream recipe....

12th Jul 2015

My birthday cake!

  I know it sounds terrible that I made my own birthday cake, but I did.  Today was my 40th birthday and I couldn’t decide if I wanted a white...

07th Jul 2015

Sourdough bread

I just took 2 round loaves of Sourdough bread out of the oven! I love warm yummy sourdough bread!!

06th Jul 2015

Chocolate chocolate chip sourdough muffins!

A batch of chocolate chocolate chip sourdough muffins out of the oven!