20th Aug 2014

Lots of chocolate chip cookies!

I have a massive order of chocolate chip cookies ready for a customer. When they are all packaged up it’s hard to see how many cookies are there so I...

19th Aug 2014

Another order of cinnamon rolls ready!

I have another order of cinnamon rolls ready for pick up! I decided that the cinnamon rolls look prettier before they are cut so I baked them in a disposable...

17th Aug 2014

Fresh Cinnamon rolls delivered this morning!

    The very first order was delivered today!  It was a fresh batch of a dozen cinnamon rolls to a very happy customer.  Check out how beautiful they are….maybe...

16th Aug 2014

Apple Pie

  Today’s baked addiction is apple pie! YUMMMM!

16th Aug 2014

“Bring on the Devil Dogs!”

I grew up in Northeast Ohio and most people called these Whoopie Pies up there in Amish/Mennonite country, but Whoopie Pies are not this tall.  My family always called them...

15th Aug 2014

Ready for orders!

Boy…this week has been a zero to 60 kind of week for Baked Addictions.  In a matter of a few days (4 to be exact), we have a facebook page...

13th Aug 2014

Hot out of the oven!

Just thought I would share with you what’s hot out of my oven! Peanut Butter Blossoms! Who’s favorite are these?        

12th Aug 2014

Our Logo!

Wow….this logo came together rather quickly and we love it!

12th Aug 2014
It’s Official!

It’s Official!

Well, it is official.  We have settled on a name for our cottage food operation…..Baked Addictions!  We hope to satisfy your personal cravings soon!